These tailored services are for those ready to 
💫 Quantum Shift 💫
 in to their next level of 
growth, expansion & highest timeline.
Our personal coaching services are tailored to meet you where you're at now & support you as you quantum leap towards where your 
Soul is calling you!

We're so passionate about our personal support with both singles & couples that we offer all those who are serious about self-awakening & self-liberation a 
100% obligation-free complimentary call with Aaron &/or Greer.
  • This call us about YOU taking your next step RIGHT NOW!
  • It's a chance for us to CONNECT & FEEL in to one another.
  • This is not a sales call where you feel pressured to sign up with us.
  • Ask us any questions,  share any hesitations/concerns, & any nudges you've been receiving.
  • It's our opportunity to feel in to where you are at right now, & whether we are the best people to serve you at this time.
  • If, at the end of the call, we all feel aligned, we awe will invite you to a second complimentary call where we will explore how we might best serve you based on your specific needs & situation.
Our tailored services vary from 3-month online coaching packages, personal VIP days, 
tailored workshops, private couples retreats & so much more...

 We pride ourselves on the value-for-money we offer our clients. 
To find our more, click on the option below that best suits you:
 Receiving 1:1 support where the focus & energy is 
100% on YOU.
You're in a relationship & are wanting to shift & expand TOGETHER.
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